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Abdulla Hassan Buhindi

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Property / Casuality

Welcome to the Property & Casualty division of BKIC. Protecting you, your family, your employees and your business from the adverse financial impact of any unfortunate accident is our objective. We combine traditional methods and innovative solutions. If you do not find what you are looking for on this site, then please write to us at Our customer service executive will get in touch to fulfill your requirements.

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   Property / Casuality  Motor  Marine  Health & Life  


Welcome to BKIC Motor division!

We believe that your motor insurance policy should be as important to you as your car. We understand the difference between 'comfort' and 'inconvenience'; therefore our policies are designed with 'you' the individual in mind. And we are always looking at ways of improving our cover. So if you think we have missed out on something then please do let us know through customer feedback form. The proposal form... Click here

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Welcome to Marine Insurance division of BKIC!

If you had ever asked the question who was the first to think of Insurance? The answer would be "We (the Marine Insurers) did!" It is not our intention to sound presumptuous but the concept of Marine Insurance existed long before any other class of insurance. The early Phoenicians, then the Romans had developed systems by which a sea voyage would be secured or protected. The famous coffee house of Lloyd's.... Click here

   Property / Casuality  Motor  Marine  Health & Life  

Health & Life

Welcome to BKIC's Health and Life Department. Our department at present provides health and life insurance covers to individuals, families, and corporate entities.
BKIC is one of the largest insurance companies with about 30 years’ of experience of looking after the insurance needs of those living in Bahrain and Kuwait.

How to contact us ?
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Annual Report

Current Rating: "BBB" with negative outlook. Information on the most current rating is available at Or from Standard & Poor’s at +1 212 438 2400. Ratings are not a guarantee of an insurer’s financial strength nor a recommendation as to the insurer.

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